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The Peopleís Development Party extended a contributory hand over the weekend in mobilizing students in Makerere for the Awareness Match around Wandegeya and finally to Nkrumah Grounds under the theme "Universal Access to HIV/AIDS Services& Human Rights."

The event was officiated with Major Lubalamira Lubanga who has boldly confessed being HIV +ve always!
Personally I co-held the banner as we matched.
We equally participated in the AIDS events in Nakivubo stadium and encouraged our people to go for testing.

The battle against HIV/AIDS will continue but must be fought collectively;
Members of the Press& Media, politicians, Non Governmental Organizations, social workers, individuals, religious & cultural leaders must all join hands with the Government and International health bodies if we are combat the risks of HIV/AIDS
spreads and prevention.
We feel depressed and insecure to see that the public has not received thorough knowledge on how to fight an reduce HIV/IDS and thatís why PDP is now involving with groups and individuals who fight the disease
Our people in the villages of Nakapiripit, in the islands of Ssese, Internally Displaced Camps, Refugee areas, in the district of Rakai, Masaka, Sembabule and all over the country must be given support and access information to help them live healthy including
those who are already infected so that they may live longer.

It should be only an issue of distributing condoms in Institutions of learning and public places but to fully inculcate knowledge that will both boast moral fabric as well as sensitization.

Reports say that at the time between 1990-2001 where Uganda was credited allover the world for reduced HIV/AIDS infection; Say that the gospel of Abstinence and Faithfulness has been a powerful tool.
But now since people think AIDS is like Malaria and with the coming of ARVs many now are reluctant and this explains why the disease is increasing now!
Disclosure is one of the important elements in this as it assures full support and care for a family member; in fact he/she will be reminded every time to take drugs unlike the one who hasnít disclosed.
We think testing should no longer be voluntary because this is a battle between life and death and if we take it for grunted we must then admit that we have lost the battle-God forbid!


The police, Army, schools, higher institutions of learning, places of worship and the various communities should all be in position to access counseling & testing services.

Personally I have just tested and if journalists, celebrities, religious & cultural leaders and politicians could then the better.


We must agree that medical personells who steal medicine for there clinics from government stores should be subjected to severe punishments.

We regret allowing medicine to rote or expire in government stores yet patients die-that must not happen again.


PDP reminds Ugandans that HIV/AIDS is real, kills and has no cure but can be prevented.

HIV infected pregnant women should not give any excuse for giving birth to HIV+ babies because science proves now that itís possible to produce children who are Ėve by +ve parents.

Scientists have also identified Pre & Post Exposure Prophylaxis which is taking ARVs before and after sex which prevents acquiring the virus.

For women who may have been raped, if they can access and take these ARVs within 72 hours, it`s a guarantee 98% that they will not acquire the virus as well.


Peopleís Development Party appreciates all HIV/AIDS sensitization programs that include adverts running on various Fm stations and televisions by different organizations. We believe that married couples will reform, be faithful and rate at which HIV/AIDS spread will drop.


Long Live Our Mother Land!

Long Live Africa.


Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin


Peopleís Development Party National Coordinator.