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Nalubega Zipporah our elder Sister in a family that comprises of 5 Children bound by blood with the descriptive attachment below;
1-Nalubega Zipporah Mukebezi (First Born-1986, different Dad "Late David-Musoga)
2-Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin (Born 1989,Dad:Godfrey Kiwanuka Palton)
3-Brian Ssenkungu Kukiriza (Born 1991-sharing same Dad)
4-Lillian Leah Nakiwara ( Same Dad different Mom Both Parents Dead.)
5-Emma Kitandwe (
Zippoah's first born Baby (Born on Wed 17th March 2010 in Mengo Hospital, Kampala) whom I have named Caleb- an name she has always desired because of it's attributes in the Bible is fathered to Patrick Bwabagambe "Munyankore". Personally I haven't meet Mr. Byabagame, I have just learnt that he works in a Fire Beareu in Kampala.
Nevertheless I am happy that he met all expenses while in hospital for delivery culminating to a million. Zipporah gave birth on blades. Friends & relatives flocked to the hospital to see her.

I describe this sis of mine who graduated in Guidance & Counseling (Dip)-YMCA 2008 as a responsible young lady though difficult to understand. She desires winning respect from her younger ones including me Future President.

Let me hope she will marry this gentleman otherwise Caleb is in a good condition and our mother Esther Nasuna-Teacher, Director Tumutende Infant School Namasuba is now a Jaajja I must say.